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【Information】 From January 2018, We will discontinue 2nd service and have “Sunday Service (10:30AM-)” only one time every week. This change will enable us to have various programs afternoon on Sundays for each generation group.  The schedule of Children’s service (2:00PM-) will not be changed.

2017-18年 クリスマス・年末年始の予定


12/10(日)合同礼拝10:30- 教会学校クリスマスパーティー14:00-

12/17(日)合同礼拝11:00- クリスマスパーティー13:00-
12/31(日)合同礼拝10:30-  教会学校14:00-


2017-18 Christmas & The Year Change Periods Schedule


12/10 (Sun) Joint Service10:30AM  Children’s Service Christmas Party2:00PM
12/17 (Sun) Joint Service11:00AM  Potluck Party (Talent Show)1:00PM
12/24 (Sun) Christmas Joint Service10:30AM   Youth Christmas Party3:00PM
12/25 (Mon) Christmas Candle Service7:00PM
12/31 (Sun) Joint Service10:30AM Thank CS 2:00PM-
2018/1/1 (Mon) New Years’ Service11:00AM-



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